Student HireAbility Navigator

The Student HireAbility Navigator (SHN) initiative provides support and coordination around the region to grow and improve workforce transition services offered to students with disabilities & their families. SHN serves as a vital resource and partner to enhance current programs offered by Texas Workforce Commission's Vocational Rehabilitation Services through three areas of focus:

Focus #1 - Raise awareness of resources and activities available to students with disabilities

Focus #2 - Increase community coordination and provide information, training, and technical assistance

Focus #3 - Inform and engage employers to increase understanding and develop work-based learning opportunities

Pre-Employment Transition

Planning for what comes next after high school graduation begins long before a student walks across the stage in their cap & gown. For students with disabilities, this process also involves understanding their disability, learning how to advocate for themselves, exploring resources that will benefit them & so much more. The SHN initiative coordinates and supports the following services to assist students and families in the process of transitioning into the workforce:

  • Career Exploration
  • Work-Based Learning: including in school experiences, after school activities, and internships
  • Counseling: including employment transition, enrollment, and higher education programs
  • Workplace Readiness
  • Self-Advocacy Support
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The SHN initiative does not administer services, but does work to improve offerings and grow awareness. Program participation through the office of Vocational Rehabilitation is eligibility-based according to the following criteria:

  • Students who are 14-22 years old as of September 1st of the previous year
  • Students who are receiving special education services or who have eligibility through Section 504 of the Rehabilitation act
  • Students who are in an approved educational program


Contact Bill Dean, Student HireAbility Navigator, at or (325) 795-4310.