What's Next? Workshops

More Hands-On, More Opportunities

Jordan Davis, Texas State Technical College

Looking for a job when you graduate? GO TECHNICAL! Today’s workforce needs technically-proficient workers to meet the demands of growing industries such as aviation technology, laser electro optics, and wind energy technology. If you are interested in hands-on education, learning new skills, and getting a GREAT paying job, come learn more and decide if TSTC is for you! 

Dress for Success

Shelby Garfield & Bailey Johnson, Goodwill West Texas

Your network can help you get a foot in the door, but taking the next step requires you to dress the part. Whether you are applying for a job in retail, food service, administration or industry, dressing professionally is a must. Workshop participants will gain tips for polishing resumes and dressing for success without breaking the bank. Learn best practices to help you get ahead of the competition and leave a lasting impression with your future employer! 

High Paying, High Demand Careers in West Central Texas

Malisa Barnes, Texas Workforce Commission

Do you want to know what types of jobs are going to be available when you graduate? This workshop will walk you through labor market trends, growth and wage projections by location, and just what exactly are those high paying, high demand jobs you keep hearing about! You will gain tools, resources, and knowledge to guide your plan after high school and lead you to a successful career.

FAFSA & Introduction to Financial Aid

Linda Sellers, Cisco College

The FAFSA (or Free Application for Federal Student Aid) determines a student's eligibility for need-based federal financial aid for college including: grants, scholarships, work-study, and loans. If eligible, it can really help you pay for school! This workshop will dig into the how & why of filling out your FAFSA form.

Seek a Job, Keep a Job: Employer Discussions to Prepare for Your Next Interview

Facilitated by Jamilah Spears, NEXT University

YOU'RE HIRED! Now what? This panel of human resource professionals want to talk to you about a few fails and successes they've seen at their workplace. This workshop will give participants an opportunity to dig in and ask questions to these hiring professionals who work with job applicants every day! Bring your questions and let's find out how to win at work!

A Day in the Military Life

Dyess Air Force Base Personnel

Wondering if the Military is the right choice for you? Hear first hand from those that live it every day. You will gain insight into the physical, educational, and social aspects of being in today's Armed Forces. Learn about training schedules, travel and leisure activities as current active duty members share why they chose this career path.  

Careers in Healthcare with Cisco College

Sean Kim & Philip Hernandez, Cisco College

Think a career in healthcare could be right for you? Learn about medical programs available at Cisco College including Respiratory Therapy, Surgical Tech, Pharmacy Tech, and Medical Assisting. Two Registered Nurses bring you all the latest on this high demand career field. This workshop will cover schooling, job opportunities, career tracks, program benefits, and more about both LVN and RN offerings.

Healthy Living

ACU Teaching Kitchen

A successful career or educational experience begins with a balanced lifestyle and nutritional program that fuels your body. Learn how to effectively purchase and prepare foods to boost you through life’s journey. You will learn about healthy choices and get to try samples that are prepared right in front of you!

Resume Building 101

Angi Thomas, Region 14 Education Service Center

Dig into the components of building an effective resume for post-secondary education and career opportunities. This workshop will spend time focused on resume purpose, composition and etiquette then take it to the next level! Students will leave this session with a template tool and actual working individual resume.