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Evaluation of effectiveness of subsidized child care program report to the 83rd Texas Legislature

Contact Listing

Attorney General’s Office
Ph: (325) 672-4480
Description: Child support enforcement

Children’s Medicaid and Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
Ph: (325) 795-5876
Ph: (877) 543-7669

Department of Family and Protective Services
Ph: (325) 691-8100
Ph: (800) 252-5400
  • Adult protective services
  • Child care licensing
  • Child protective services
  • Personnel / management services
  • Health and safety information for child care providers on issues of:
    • Immunizations
    • Prevention and control of infectious diseases
    • Building and premises safety
    • Health and safety training appropriate to the provider setting
    • Regulatory compliance history of child care providers

Department of Health and Human Services
Ph: (325) 695-5750
Description: Medicaid doctors, dentist list, Chronically Ill and Disabled Children (CIDC), information about food stamps, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

Food Bank of West Central Texas
Ph: (325) 695-6311
Description: Assistance with food

Noah Project
Ph: (325) 672-6626
24-Hour Crisis Hotline Ph: (800) 444-3551
Description: Shelter and outreach for family violence victims

Parent Companion
Ph: (866) 896-6001
Description: A guide for Texas parents and caregivers of children with diagnosed or suspected disabilities from birth through 5 years of age.

Pregnancy Resources of Abilene
Ph: (325) 672-6415
Description: Maternity, baby clothes, diapers, formula, and pregnancy verification

Social Security Office
Ph: (325) 672-0310
Ph: (800) 772-1213
Description: Assistance with Social Security benefits

Texas Workforce Commission Fraud and Abuse Hotline
: (800) 252-3642
Description: Call to report any fraudulent activities or program abuse related to any state agency or program, including child care services.
Texas Child Care Solutions
Online source of information to assist parents in making informed choices for early childhood education, quality child care, children with special needs and child care financial assistance
2-1-1 Texas A Call For Help
Ph: 2-1-1
Description: Information and referrals for community health and human services; connecting people with local services and equipping them with information and education to best access resources in their community.

Women, Infants, and Children (W.I.C.)
Ph: (325) 692-1680
Description: Nutrition and food assistance program for children

West Central Texas Council of Governments
Ph: (325) 672-8544
Departments: Aging, 9-1-1, housing, and economic development

Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas
Ph: (325) 795-4200
Ph: (800) 457-5633
Description: Employment and training resources, workshops, internet job search resources, and state employment services
Additional Resources for Parents
Additional Resources for Child Care Providers