Making WOW Great

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Ideas and Resources

Our hope for this event is to help students, teachers/counselors, and parents become more aware of the career and educational opportunities available in the region. In order to help make this event great ALL attendees should do some preparation to ensure their time is used effectively. Below you will find ideas and resources to make WOW great! 

  • Before the event, share with your students:
    • the career day worksheet designed specifically for WOW!
    • that they'll be participating in the career day and your expectations.
    • to dress appropriately for the event. Weather permitting there will also be outside exhibitors.
    • check out the WOW Participants page.
    • the importance of soft skills such as a firm handshake, eye contact, smiling, asking relevant questions, active listening, etc.
  • During the event:
    • demonstrating their finely tuned soft skills!
    • think outside the box. There are a wide variety of opportunities within a company, visit with as many booths as possible to learn about them. Take for instance the hospital, just because you may not want to be a nurse does not mean you should immediately rule them out. The health field is very diverse and the hospital needs lots of staff not on the medical side (accounting, human resources, marketing, maintenance, food services, etc). 
    • check out the dress for success area that will have examples of appropriate attire as well as teach students how to tie ties!
    • we would love to see your experience at the event, use #wowyouthexpo18 @wowyouthexpo to share your pictures and videos. You may even see yourself on the big screen at the event!
    • the level of involvement and engagement attendees have throughout the event has a strong impact on whether exhibitors find the event worthwhile and will return for future events. The success of this event relies heavily on student, teacher, and parent involvement! 
  • After the event:
    • view students' completed career day worksheet and visit with them about what they learned
    • assign relevant extension activities
    • write professional thank you notes to exhibitors. This is great practice for the students as well as a small way to show appreciation to the exhibitors who dedicate money, time, and resources to make this event possible.


Contact our staff at (325) 795-4327 or by email